Five Quick Reasons To Do A Buddy Check

As of lately, I’ve noticed a worrisome trend on dive boats – the absence of the pre-dive buddy check.¬†Every day, stressful situations arise that could have been avoided if only this simple routine was followed. Here are five reasons why you should never skip the buddy check!

5. There are so many variables.

Every time you prepare for a dive, it’s different. At the very least, you have a new tank and O-ring. This time as you donned your gear, a strap may have caught under your arm or a small piece of sand lodged in your dump valve. Every dive is a unique dive because there was never one like this one and there will never be another like it again.

Pre-dive Buddy Check4. Acronyms are fun!

BCD – Weights – Releases – Air – Final OK

I remember my Buddy Check acronyms B.W.R.A.F. with the handy phrase: Beware When Robots Are Friendly. How do you remember it?

3. It takes less than a minute.

If you check your own equipment before turning to your buddy for a buddy check, you have both now double checked your equipment in less than a minute. Now that is time well spent.

2. Equipment configurations are infinite.

These days there are more and more configurations of equipment. You may be familiar with your own, but are you familiar with your buddy’s? Finding emergency valves quickly during an event could be the difference between life and death.

1. You are a great buddy!

Taking the time to do a buddy check can elevate your dive experience because it will increase everyone’s confidence and safety. Great work, buddy! High five!

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