Get to Know a Snorkel Site: Part One

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With hundreds of islands, coral patches galore, and an accessible Barrier Reef, there’s a ton to see from the surface. Some divers may scoff at me, but I’m inclined to think the snorkeling in Belize can be just as incredible as the diving! Grab your snorkel, mask, and fins (or rent them from us) and follow our guides to the best local snorkel spots around.

Snorkel Site #1: Coral Gardens

Protected by the barrier reef south of Ambergris Caye, Coral Garden is a coveted area of pristine, unique, and fragile coral. At a depth of 8-12ft, it is an underwater flower garden. Hidden in between the coral branches you will also find a spectrum of beautiful reef fish. Coral Garden is located about five miles south of San Pedro town, near the neighboring island of Caye Caulker.

Snorkel Site #2: Mexico Rocks

Just a 20 minute ride from San Pedro and up the coast of North Ambergris Caye is Mexico Rocks, a lavish collection of brain coral home to puffer and parrot fish, lobsters, eel, turtles and colorful marine life.

This is site is great for snorkelers of all experience levels, as it is shallow and protected from ocean swells on the inside by the barrier reef. Here you will see brain coral up to 3.5m (12 ft) tall! They nearly reach the surface and provide refuge to a variety of marine life who are sheltered in the coral’s nooks and crannies. In addition you will find sea fans, azure vase sponges, and butterfly fish living together in this neighborhood.

Underwater visibility at Mexico Rocks is perfect, with both dramatic canyon walls and caves through the coral formations. This adventure is perfect for the novice snorkeler.

Ready to go?

Each snorkel site has its own story, and we are happy to share them all with you! Contact Us Today to arrange your next snorkel trip.

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