Are you brave enough to PADI ReActivate?

If we are lucky, we reactivate our souls over one vacation with 5-10 dives every year. Most often, we dive even less than that. And although your heart and ego have other ideas, your skills have probably diminished since your last scuba dive. We at Blue Heaven Dives are the first to admit that we are anxious to get underwater and enjoy the dive! But for you and your buddy to enjoy the dive, it is important to have stable buoyancy, fresh skills, and confidence.

That is why our team is proud and pleased to offer the PADI ReActivate Scuba Refresher program. It is a quick and easy way to practice those basic skills in shallow (yet still beautiful) waters. You can take a few minutes to adjust your gear and refresh yourself on the feeling of weightlessness, breathing through a regulator, and how to react in an emergency.

You will not regret this simple exercise and your dive will be that much more safe, relaxed, and enjoyable! Contact us today to set up your PADI ReActivate, or discuss your options with our dive guides the day before your dive. See you underwater!

PADI ReActivate with Blue Heaven Dives

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