The People of Belize #SayNO to Oil Drilling

They are calling Belize ‘world leaders’ after our government passed a legislative moratorium prohibiting any oil exploration activity in Belize ocean waters. But how about a shout out to the real leaders of this initiative – the people of Belize! They have dedicated almost a decade to make sure their heritage is protected under law.

Making a Law

people vote for referendum

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Zapata

The exciting legislation is being billed “The People’s Law” because over and over again the people signed petitions, voted no, talked to representatives, and supported the NGO’s who worked hard to represent the voices of the reef. In addition, Belizeans spearheaded less-plastic initiatives, created awareness campaigns, and held emergency meetings to stop seismic exploration. Finally, they heard your voices!

These efforts make it obvious that Belizeans are aware of their awesome responsibility. After all, not long ago, the largest reef – the Great Barrier Reef in Australia – was famously declared dead in an obituary published in Outside Magazine. I mean, it is a huge deal to make sure one of the largest, oldest living things on the planet stays alive and healthy.

But I truly Belize they can do it!

Making a Difference

This new law proves that the people can make a difference. And Belizeans noh ‘fraid (are not afraid) to keep working hard to protect their natural heritage. There is still illegal fishing, pollutants, a lionfish invasion, coral bleaching, and more issues to address. But many dedicated people are working hard every day to keep initiatives swimming in the right direction.

Do you want to be one of them? Reach out to us!

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