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If you can’t beat them, eat them!!

Belize is known for its Barrier reef and the abundance of marine life! However, as you may know, there is always a rotten one in the bunch! YES! We are talking about the Lionfish! Beautiful and majestic you will see, destructive and invasive creatures they are! They can consume around 30 juveniles in a minute, and even fishes half their size! That’s like a human eating a sheep!!

What does this all mean???

  • Reefs will die
  • Fish will die due to loss of habitat and the spread of disease
  • Fisherman and their families and communities that rely on harvesting native fish, will lose their livelihoods and go hungry, especially in less developed countries like Belize!
  • Tourism is the highest revenue earner in Belize, 25% of all income comes from tourism. Tourism relies heavily on the reefs and will suffer enormously.
  • Populations of people that rely heavily on seafood as a source of protein will be affected.

Lionfish has venomous spines. However, the Lionfish is not poisonous, and there is a difference! Venom must be injected into the bloodstream to inflict harm, but it is harmless if eaten or drunk. Poison has to be absorbed or ingested to cause harm… in other words its safe to eat but need care when handling.

Lionfish makes a delicious meal! The fins of the Lionfish are venomous. However, the meat is not poisonous. Try Lionfish ceviche, Lionfish fingers, whole fried Lionfish, Lionfish fillet and Lionfish fishcakes.

What can we do to protect the Belizean Reef you may ask?? Like its mentioned in the beginning, if you can’t beat em, eat em! Here at Neptune’s Cove we are reef savers, lets us take you on a two-tank dive along with your Hawaiian sling and you can become one too! Let’s go lionfish hunting! yes!! You can have your cake and eat it too!!! Lionfish ceviche anyone??

*We will always keep our guests safety our #1 priority.  If sharks are determined to attack our fresh catch, we will have no choice but to abandoned our lionfish.

We have also received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in 2017 and 2018. Click here to have the time of your life!

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